How to build a website for your brand in 1 hour? (zero coding required)


There are two things you should know about me. Firstly, I love all things tech and spend the majority of my time plugged into the web, searching for my next tech purchase or tracking the latest trends. The second is that I recoil at the thought of anything technical, especially web coding or web design.

So, I wanted to set myself the challenge of building a Squarespace website in 1 hour. And guess what? I did it.

The website you are currently viewing was built from scratch. By me. With zero experience. In 1 hour (It was LIVE 15 mins later).

Now, I’d originally planned on filming the entire web build process to share with you on here. But, it ended up just being me sat at a desk mumbling to myself and the laptop. Hardly groundbreaking or inspirational content.

If you’re still keen on finding a more comprehensive Squarespace tutorial video, then a quick search on YouTube will serve you well. Definitely more thorough than anything I could produce.

What I’m getting at is this - if you’re looking to start your own brand or online business and want a website (eStore baked in), then all you need is a Squarespace account and a spare hour of your time. Zero technical skills required.

If I can do it, literally anyone can do it. I genuinely believe the Squarespace platform is the best out there for aspiring business owners who have zero web building skills (or have the money to pay a professional web developer). 

Still not convinced? Take another look through this website. From template to fully custom website in 1 hour.

Rather than watch a 15 min video of me sat at my desk creating , just go and build your own.

Head to now to start your free trial.

It’s that easy.

- Michael Porter

P.S. If you require a more scalable website solution vs a generic Squarespace site, I would highly recommend taking a look at our friends at:


Brand Asset Tools

Logos by Squarespace - free logo maker

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Promo - make beautiful videos in minutes

Envato - make beautiful videos in minutes

Website & Email Services

Squarespace - all-in-one website platform

Webflow - design, build, and launch responsive websites visually

Wordpress - free CMS

Wix - all-in-one website platform

Mailchimp - Email Solution (GDPR friendly)

Hotjar - see how your visitors are really using your website

Tinypng - make website faster with small images

Productivity Tools

Evernote - best note taking app

Slack - WhatsApp for business

iWork - documents, spreadsheets and presentations (Mac)

Office - documents, spreadsheets and presentations (Windows)

Dropbox - file sharing solution

iCloud - file sharing solution

Wetransfer - file sharing solution

Teachable - create and sell online courses

Hubspot - full platform of marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM

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